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Stuff we’ve found in attics during home inspections

As home inspectors, we find a ton of crazy stuff in attics. Rodents, contraband, creepy dolls, unmentionables… it’s all here. This compilation represents our favorites finds from the past decade. Enjoy!

Aw, look at that cute little bat… trying to bite me!

I told you there’s be unmentionables. There’s surely a good story behind this.

Unmentionables in the attic

What’s better than relaxing in your attic with a hot cup of coffee in the morning? Doing it with a partner. Life’s good.

Want to gussy up your attic? Try a chandelier to add a little class.

This is a runner-up for the creepiest doll we’ve found in an attic. Whoever hung it there surely knew how creepy it was.

These dolls were even creepier, however. And yes, we just shared this photo in our Halloween Home Inspection Photos blog post, but it helped to inspire this post, so we’re sharing it again here.

That’s a dresser in the attic. The HVAC installer decided this was a permanent fixture, and they mounted the AC disconnect to it. Lovely.

Who puts a Daisy Red Ryder in the attic? You’ll still put your eye out.

That’s one massive wasp nest.

This is the most memorable calling card we’ve ever seen, left behind by the insulation contractor. Someone clearly enjoys their job.

Get out the leaf blower.

Get out the snowblower.

The Gauntlet. This mouse clearly died from a heart attack.

That’s not insulation, it’s packing peanuts. Can’t hurt, but surely doesn’t help much either.

Why are there paper plates all over the attic? We have no idea! Someone had an idea…

These pinecones surely indicate a rodent problem.

You know what it means if your neighbors have a red light bulb on their front door, right?
Well, this isn’t that. This is an old-timey fire extinguisher, called a firebomb or a fire grenade. It probably contains carbon tetrachloride, which is hazardous. Ask your fire department how to safely dispose of this. And don’t break it.


This bath fan duct is completely uninsulated. In a cold climate like Minnesota, this can lead to massive amounts of condensation inside the duct, and staining at the ceiling.

We found Michael Jackson’s other glove.

One light bulb in the attic is nice, but 16 is… ridiculous.

Thanks for visiting! I’ll surely have another gallery of attic photos to share in 2031.

2 responses to “Stuff we’ve found in attics during home inspections”

  1. Scott Graham
    November 30, 2021, 1:41 pm

    During an inspection we discovered a huge branch of very old pot. Weed. A giant branch about 3 feet long and 20″ in diameter. It had to be 20+ years old. Did someone get to stoned and forgot where they put their weed to dry it out?

  2. Darren Hiscock
    December 2, 2021, 4:52 am

    Once found a huge old roof-mounted TV/Radio antenna in an attic. First thought would be that the roofer threw it in there when redoing the roof coverings, but the house was a newer build!

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