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Top 20 Home Inspection Deck Photos

While writing my blog post about how to inspect your own deck, I stumbled across a ridiculous amount of crazy deck photos. I have to share them. Please enjoy our very first top-twenty compilation of deck photos from past home inspections. And remember, May is Deck Safety Month. And that’s how you like to support your deck? Bad deck support (loose beam) Wicked Cantilever.  Wicked Cantilever Splices need to happen over posts. This is technically over the post, but there should also be at least 1-1/2″ of bearing on the top of the post. Beam splice not over post at deck Don’t walk this deck. Rotted Deck Always look under the deck. These joists are severely rotted. Rotted deck joists 2 If you can put your hand through it… Rotted Deck Joist Severely rotted beams. Rotted deck beam Rotted joists, crazy-wrong load paths. Rotted Deck (3) Just missed it. Post missed the pin Don’t lean back. No guard at deck bench Wrong load paths. Major deck design flaw Magic guardrail, no posts. Magic Guardrail What supports what? Magic Deck beams Improper deck supports. Improper support at deck Don’t kick the footings. Don't kick the deck footings Hanging beam. Deck Support Goofy Crazy cantilevered joist splices. Deck joists spliced What’s supporting that beam at the house? Deck defect Magic deck beam. How is this even standing? Deck Beam Spliced Another open beam splice. Deck beam splice no post That’s some serious bowing. Bowed Deck Ok, that makes twenty-one. Thank you for visiting.   Author: Reuben SaltzmanStructure Tech Home Inspections
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