Joe Niedenfuer

Hello Lisa,

Last week I started the process in calling companies that do home inspections. Your company was recommended to me by my realtor. You helped me schedule the appointment today and were my first contact with Structure Tech.

Today I met Nick Pickert out at a home in Ramsey for an inspection. I want to tell you and others what a great experience today was for me. From the moment Nick introduced himself I found him to be a very approachable and personable individual. He certainly made me feel as though he was inspecting the house as if he would be the buyer.

He put me at ease on several questions that I asked and it was very obvious as we went along that I made the right choice in going with Structure Tech. Nick proved to be very proficient and knowledgeable on all areas of concern.

It is because of people like Nick that make what could be a stressful and anxious situation into a easy going and basically a wonderful learning experience for the would-be home owner.

Your company is fortunate to have an individual as Nick that on a daily basis is representing your firm in a very professional manner.

Please thank Nick again for his service to me today and please pass this on to the appropriate people.

Thank for your time.