Bill Hibbs

Bob and I are grateful for the detailed inspection you performed on our patio home in Chaska. We delighted in your joy and willingness to teach us how to care for and maintain our home and thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and expertise.

Your detailed written inspection report and the photos you included with the report were outstanding. Easy to read and understand and especially helpful today when the property maintenance service technician went over our maintenance requests. They were delighted with your report and especially found the detail of your report and the photos to be extremely helpful. You documented what needed to be performed and it made their job a lot easier and ours too in discussing our requests. Thank you very much for your help.

I remember you said you had the same squeaky vinyl windows in your home and today George the service technician for Cities Maintenance told us he used to make and install windows and he found using Pledge furniture spray on the window tracks didn’t dry out like other lubricants.

He suggested spraying the Pledge on the track and cleaning out any debris with paper towel. Then reapply an application of Pledge after cleaning and to do this every 3 months. He performed this on the sliding glass door and one of the windows and they glided with ease. Quite a delight.

You were so generous in teaching us easy maintenance tips, I just thought it would be fun to share what we learned today and hope it helps your “squeaky” windows too!!!

So glad Bryan Flanagan, our real estate professional so highly recommended you. He said you were the best. No wonder!!!!

We are doing the same….sharing about you as a trusted, highly qualified and skilled professional and the valuable service you provided us, a gift.

Wishing you and your family the best,

Bob & Elizabeth White