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Animals, skeletons, and creepy home inspection stuff, part 3

Unlike most blog posts that you’ll find here, this one has no educational value at all. If you follow our Facebook page, you’ve probably already seen a lot of these photos, but not all of them. These are our favorites finds from 2018. Warning: Several of these photos are gross.


This is a dead something-or-other inside of the electrical panel. This is what happens when knockout holes aren’t filled.

dead something in electrical panel

Bees, hornets, or wasps inside of an electrical panel. I don’t know how to tell the difference, sorry.

dead bees in electrical panel

This is a gigantic nest at the end of an attic.

nest in attic

Here’s another one, with a yellow-eyed alien creature waving “hi”. Or maybe it’s just Bryan.

alien home inspector

Maybe we ought to add ‘clean the dead bugs out your light fixtures’ to our fall maintenance checklist.

dead bugs in light

dead bugs in light2

Here’s a dead porcupine that I found inside a garage in South Saint Paul. I had no idea we had porcupines in the city until I found this carcass.

dead porcupine

porcupine quills

Here are the remains of something. I think this was at the same home in South Saint Paul.

dead something-or-other

Dead bird in the furnace.

dead bird in furnace

A murder of dead crows in a furnace vent.

murder of crows

Frogs love to make homes out of plumbing vents.

frog in plumbing vent

frog in plumbing vent2

This guy needed a hand.

little help needed

Mouse remains (?) inside of a heat recovery ventilator.

dead creature in HRV

The friendliest raccoon ever. It kept rubbing its face up against the basement window while we were inspecting.

friendly raccoon

Dead rat in the toilet.

dead rat in toilet

dead rat in toilet2

This skeleton was guarding the sump basket.

skeleton guarding the sump basket

This sewer had a major tree root problem. This reminded us from something out of Stranger Things.

roots coming out of floor drain

Can you guess what this is? We couldn’t. Scroll down to see.

Mystery image

It’s a very dirty drain tile system.

Dirty sump basket

Big, hairy spider.

Big hairy spider

We don’t even know what this was, but we found it inside of the furnace blower fan.

gunk in blower fan

Here’s a creepy or hilarious photo that Milind accidentally took of himself.

accidental photobomb

And finally, one more accidentally creepy photo of one of our inspectors. Here’s Tessa saying “hi” to the chimney camera from the roof on a rainy day while Patrick was conducting a chimney inspection.

creepy tessa

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