Reuben Saltzman

Animals, skeletons, and creepy home inspection stuff 2022

We see a lot of creepy, nasty, scary, and cringe-worthy stuff as home inspectors. This is a great time of year to share some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Here’s a bat caught in a screen door. Poor guy (or girl).

Here’s a bat skeleton. C’mon, clean your basement, will you?

Here’s another dead bat hanging out next to a furnace.

This bird made a home in the bath fan duct, thanks to a missing backdraft damper.

Bird in bath fan duct

Here’s a massive nest in a soffit.

Do you see the black cat creeping on us? It was a bit startling.

Housecats without fur are even more startling than housecats that creep on you.

We inspected this house twice, and both of the inspectors on my team independently shared this photo with me, because this doll in a dark basement startled the daylights out of both of them.

Mouse skeleton.

We think this is a squirrel skeleton. We found it in a chimney, just above the fireplace damper.

This is a bucket of grease and rotting potatoes stored under the kitchen sink. The stench was obscene.

Nice symmetry on the mouse trap placement. Yes, an engineer lived here.

Great news, we found your missing retainer! <gag>

Milind has the feeling that someone is watching him.

Still waiting for the perfect time to buy a house.