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Top “Feel Good”Home Inspection Pics from 2021

At the end of each year, we post our Top 20 Home Inspection Photos. Those are some of the most egregious or hilarious things we’ve found throughout the year… but we like to switch it up sometimes by sharing cool or funny home inspection photos that don’t depict problems. We don’t always want to be the bearer of bad news. Besides the crazy stuff, we get to see a lot of excellent work. We save these photos for our #FeelGoodFriday posts on our Facebook Page. We had so many of them this year that I thought it was worth putting together a compilation of them. Stay tuned for our Top 20 home inspection photos next week.

Goodbye and good riddance to air gaps. As of 12/17/21, ugly air gaps are no longer required for domestic dishwashers in Minnesota. Section 807.3 of the new Minnesota plumbing code gives the option to run the discharge line as high as possible under the countertop instead.

Goodbye air gaps

Every attic should look like this. It has a place for us to walk, it’s well lit, and life is good. Someone was really thinking about us home inspectors when they did this.

Awesome attic

Oh wait, it gets even better. This is a different house, but the same idea with a wider catwalk. Love, love, love.

Awesome attic 2

Christmas all year up in here. You win the award for the most festive attic.

Festive Attic

Great use of space. Several followers on our Facebook page told us these corner drawers were nothing new… but they were still new to us, and we like ’em.

Corner drawer

Why is Jeff doing handstands during his home inspection?

Handstand Jeff

He’s not. He’s simply trying to raise the roof. Oh, and there’s shag carpet on the ceiling.

Shag carpet on ceiling

Newspaper insulation. It just sucks you in! What made the news 85 years ago? We have to know. This particular headline from 1938 really caught our eye.

Newspaper Insulation

Belt and suspenders. Plumber Joe on our team has seen so many dishwashers leak that he took matters into his own hands. He used a shower pan liner before installing his dishwasher. Nice. He also directed all of the water to a Guardian water sensor, which will shut off water to his entire house if a leak is detected.

Cats live here.

Fancy flooring. Holy cow, that had to take someone a long time to install.

Beautiful wood flooring

Mario Brothers approved.

Painted electric service mario brothers

Rules are rules. It says right on the permit, from 1952, that it must not be removed. Nicely done.

Permit from 1952

The sewer inspection could not be completed because the cleanout was guarded by a pack of wild animals. 

And the floor was lava.

Storm window hanger. Our clients always ask about these metal thingies found in the basements of old houses. They’re storage racks for removable storm windows or insect screens. We finally found one that was still in use!.

Best use of a well room.

Stayed tuned for next week’s post, The 20 Home Inspection photos from 2021.

2 responses to “Top “Feel Good”Home Inspection Pics from 2021”

  1. Richard Mengelkoch
    December 21, 2021, 2:18 pm

    You guys and gals are great!

  2. Harry Janssen
    December 22, 2021, 9:50 am

    Merry Christmas every one,and all the the best in the New Year.

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