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Top 20 Home Inspection Photos from 2022

Drumroll please: it’s time to share our favorite home inspection photos from the past year. They keep on coming, and this is possibly our best year ever for photos. We share these photos on Facebook and Instagram throughout the year, so please follow us on those platforms if you like this kind of stuff. Enjoy!

Dishwasher Bagwasher


How to let guests know you’ve just destroyed the bathroom the minute they walk in the door.

Bath fan vents into entryway

Report comment: “The beer tap was not functional. Call us for a free re-inspection when this is corrected.”

Beer tap not functional

Beer tap not functional2

Unopened book on structural engineering.

Book support

Be sure to close the lid.

Close the lid

Cutest plumbing access panel we’ve ever seen. This is so cute we can hardly stand it.

Cutest access door ever

Cutest access door ever2

Design fail.

Dishwasher hits fridge 1

Or not?It works if you open the fridge door first.

Dishwasher hits fridge 2

Note the emergency drain pan for the clothes dryer. Just in case.

Dryer pan

You can only do so much.

Filter arrow backward

Happy Halloween!

Gross bathroom

This bidet is guaranteed to give you a hot a$$.

Hot bidet 2

Hot bidet

Luxury vinyl planks… in a shower? Yep. In a shower.

LVP shower floor

Greatest downspout ever.


This cutout guy approves.

Man with hands in pockets at fence

Laziest paint job ever?

Paint around CO alarm

If you’re going to power-wash your vinyl siding, use a wide tip.

Power washed vinyl siding zoom

That log couldn’t have been moved a few inches over?

Smoke alarm cut into beam

The utility lines were rubbing on the tree and set a poor squirrel’s nest on fire.

Tree on fire 2

Infrared Image of tree on fire

Tree on fire 3

We had a heck of a time getting into this attic. Had to move a ton of stuff.

Attic access panel blocked 1

Attic access panel blocked 2

And then we had to unscrew the access panel.

Attic access panel blocked 3

Only to find this!

Attic access panel blocked 4

Good fences make good neighbors.

Vickings vs Packers Fences

Pure genius.

Genius light switch

Ok, that last one wasn’t a photo, and we were already at 20. But I had to share it. Thanks for tuning in, and Happy New Year!

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  1. Bob Wood
    December 27, 2022, 11:18 am

    Not gunna lie. Kinda love the last one (video).

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