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Top 20 home inspection photos from 2019

It’s time for our favorite blog post of the year; the Top 20 Home Inspection Photos. These photos were all featured on our Facebook page over the past year. Enjoy.

Work harder, not smarter. This might be the most labor-intensive method of insulating a bathroom exhaust duct that we’ve ever seen. Not that there’s anything wrong with this.

insulated bath fan duct

Even gutter guards can fail.

tree growing out of gutter

Extension cord extenders? No, those two-to-three prong adapters are not handy extension cord extenders.

extension cord extenders

Say it ain’t so. It had to take a lot of effort, but someone managed to install their furnace filter over the upper burner portion of the furnace. Oops.

furnace filter in wrong location

I’m sure you do. Now put your hand down, I’m talking.

I have a question

Odd arrangement. We weren’t expecting to find the underside of the bathroom sink drain when we opened this kitchen cabinet door.

odd kitchen arrangement


Ground control to Major Tom

ground control to major tom

Putting green included with home.

putting green

That’s not how it’s done. While PVC vents are commonly used for powervent water heaters, they’re never supposed to be used for natural draft water heaters. The PVC is visibly scorched at the elbow fitting.

pvc vent on natural draft water heater

We try not to say that something is “shot”… but this roof is shot.

Roof is shot

E is for effort.

round peg square hole

Cactopus ductwork in the attic.

cactopus ductwork

Salamanders in a sump basket.

salamanders in a sump basket

Soapish. We’re assuming that green goo was laundry soap that was spilled on the outlet, but we can’t rule out the possibility of something evil trying to escape from the outlet. It’s just good science.


At least the stairway has enough headroom now. 

“I’m not talking to you either.” Doesn’t it look like a couple who just had a fight? Also, note the dryer duct with pantyhose on the end.


The power of Greyskull

Finally, a pool for all of us.

World Pool

Magic deck beams. Seriously, what holds up the beam?

Magic deck beams


Nice spot for a door

This home obviously has a rodent problem.

obvious rodent problem

And here’s one more bonus: our most popular gif of 2019. It’s a sump pump discharging through an overhead door frame. Good times.

Ok, that makes 21. As always, if you enjoy this kind of thing, please be sure to visit our Facebook page. For plenty more of our top home inspection photos, please check out our Top 20 Home Inspection Photos from the past 8 years.

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