Steve Koenig

I purchased a house and needed a home inspection. I went with a person someone referred me to for it and he was absolutely horrible (this wasn’t Reuben!). It was so bad and incomplete that I got another home inspection after I closed on my house (Reuben did this second one). Oh my goodness, what a difference!! I rarely EVER give my highest remarks to anyone, but Reuben gets them hands down! He exceeded every one of my expectations and that’s hard to do (you’d say this is impossible to do if you knew me). I can not believe how complete and thorough a job he did, nor can I believe the amount of time and attention to detail he took. Reuben not only did a great job with the written inspection, he took the time to actually go through my house with me to show me everything and explained it in layman terms so I understood everything. AND he was dead on. There were three things he said I should take care of RIGHT AWAY, which I didn’t (no fault of his) and sure enough two of those three failed and I did end up fixing them. (Either he’s clarivoyant or a Home Inspection Genius!) His written Home Inspection is incredibly thorough, well written and easy to understand, and the perfect blue print of what needs to get done on the property. I have since recommended him to numerous people and they have all been impressed and given him an A+. If you want a great Home Inspection and at an extremely Fair Price, call Structure Tech!