Andrew LaMere

I wanted to confirm receipt of the photos, and also thank you again for your work yesterday. You were very thorough and knowledgeable, and saved us from some very big potential headaches in the future. Julie and I feel a lot more “educated” after yesterday’s experience! The decision to walk away from the house was based on just too many questionable risks and the margin for catastrophe seemed very big. We are glad we found this out now instead of after we closed.

We are back to the drawing board and would definitely like to work with you again. I’ll give you a ring when “Dreamhouse #2? comes along. As far as the Radon test goes I hope it did not inconvenience you too much, and regarding the bill for next time, I have no issues paying the full price for the inspection. I see it as a very minor thing in comparison to a potential $10,000 fix.

Thanks again