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I wanted to toss over a quick note of thanks. We had our inspection about a year ago on a house that we were planning pretty serious gutting/renovations on and got a super thorough and great inspection. Just this week a co-worker was looking for an inspector for a house that they wanted/expected to be ‘move in ready’ and I happily and confidently recommended Structure Tech. My friends were _so_ impressed and pleased with the work that Milind did for them. While it ultimately uncovered so many issues that they hadn’t been previously aware of they raved about the quality of the inspection, the level of detail and how easy to understand the details of the concerns were presented and discussed.

You probably hear this a lot, but thanks for your great work and customer service! I’ll happily keep recommending you every change I get!
Have a great weekend.

Cheers – Jen

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and thorough inspection of our new home. You made the process so easy. You explained your observations in a way that we understand our checklist of tasks to ensure we address any safety concerns. We also know how to take care of our home properly. Your report aligns exactly with our conversation, and as a result, there were no surprises. Our “to do” list is clear and your photos will make it simple for anyone making the repairs to see the actual problems rather than us trying to explain them.

It was a true pleasure to meet you. Thank you for treating our home as if it were your own. We will recommend Structure Tech to anyone we hear that requires a home inspection. You were truly exceptional! Thank you!

With gratitude,

Hello Lisa,

Last week I started the process in calling companies that do home inspections. Your company was recommended to me by my realtor. You helped me schedule the appointment today and were my first contact with Structure Tech.

Today I met Nick Pickert out at a home in Ramsey for an inspection. I want to tell you and others what a great experience today was for me. From the moment Nick introduced himself I found him to be a very approachable and personable individual. He certainly made me feel as though he was inspecting the house as if he would be the buyer.

He put me at ease on several questions that I asked and it was very obvious as we went along that I made the right choice in going with Structure Tech. Nick proved to be very proficient and knowledgeable on all areas of concern.

It is because of people like Nick that make what could be a stressful and anxious situation into a easy going and basically a wonderful learning experience for the would-be home owner.

Your company is fortunate to have an individual as Nick that on a daily basis is representing your firm in a very professional manner.

Please thank Nick again for his service to me today and please pass this on to the appropriate people.

Thank for your time.


Joe Niedenfuer

Bob and I are grateful for the detailed inspection you performed on our patio home in Chaska. We delighted in your joy and willingness to teach us how to care for and maintain our home and thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and expertise.

Your detailed written inspection report and the photos you included with the report were outstanding. Easy to read and understand and especially helpful today when the property maintenance service technician went over our maintenance requests. They were delighted with your report and especially found the detail of your report and the photos to be extremely helpful. You documented what needed to be performed and it made their job a lot easier and ours too in discussing our requests. Thank you very much for your help.

I remember you said you had the same squeaky vinyl windows in your home and today George the service technician for Cities Maintenance told us he used to make and install windows and he found using Pledge furniture spray on the window tracks didn’t dry out like other lubricants.

He suggested spraying the Pledge on the track and cleaning out any debris with paper towel. Then reapply an application of Pledge after cleaning and to do this every 3 months. He performed this on the sliding glass door and one of the windows and they glided with ease. Quite a delight.

You were so generous in teaching us easy maintenance tips, I just thought it would be fun to share what we learned today and hope it helps your “squeaky” windows too!!!

So glad Bryan Flanagan, our real estate professional so highly recommended you. He said you were the best. No wonder!!!!

We are doing the same….sharing about you as a trusted, highly qualified and skilled professional and the valuable service you provided us, a gift.

Wishing you and your family the best,

Bob & Elizabeth White

Bill Hibbs

Thank you so much!!! Your report is thorough and detailed but also readable and understandable. We are far more than simply “satisfied” with it — we couldn’t ask for more.

We are unlikely to buy this house, but we will definitely be hiring Structure Tech again and we’ll be spreading the word about how great you guys are.

Bryan Lake

Reuben, your report was spectacular. Steve and I want to make your inspections a regular occurrence wherever we end up living.

I just want to say “wow”!!


Saebra Halliday

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for an outstanding job – you have certainly exceeded our expectations. Your company is the best we have seen towards any home inspection. The attention to detail with photos and illustrations on the report were easy to follow – and provided a clear view/understanding of the trouble or focus area and recommended fix.

Structure Tech will certainly be our top recommendation to anyone in need of a home inspection. We also wanted to thank Michael for his expertise and excellent business relationships in Minneapolis.

A job well done

Doug Kulik

Hi Reuben,

Thank you for the thorough inspection – we greatly appreciate it!! I’m disappointed in that the house has so many “issues” — I’m delighted you found them before we made the purchase!

Thanks again for your expertise.

Warm Regards,

Janice Rahm

Thank you very much for your help today, your professionalism and significant knowledge were greatly appreciated. Jess and I could not have asked for more. I just finished reading through the report and it is very detailed and complete. Again, thank you for all your work, you gave Jess and I some significant insight.

Jason Emery

Thanks so much for your time and expertise today with our inspection. We were pleasantly reminded once again why we decided to call you back after six years to inspect another property. Your thoroughness was appreciated and your willingness to help educate us about the home was tremendously helpful. I think we have a winner!

All the best,

Jennifer Arndt-Johns

Reuben, I read your report 5-6 times already in the past 2 years! So encouraging to track progress on our fixer-upper. You were right on top with many hidden issues which would’ve (and some did) turned into huge disasters.

We follow your thorough report like home improvement bible

Olga Mackevica

I just wanted to say I am SO INCREDIBLY impressed with this report. Very thorough, and absolutely love the fact that you provide links and diagrams explaining why something is an issue.

You do an amazing job!!! Keep it up!!!

Rossi Fraenkel

Just wanted to say thanks for doing a great job with our home inspection on Friday March 4th.

It was very informative, and we appreciate the time you took to explain things to us.

Thanks again,

Ryan Neumann

Thank you for a job well done. I was so impressed once I downloaded the report. Being unable to attend the inspection myself, the pictures and how well it was organized and how easy it was to read was wonderful.

Made going back to the seller very easy and precise.

Thanks again.

Cynthia Morris

Hey Reuben!

It was so nice to meet you a few weeks ago at xxx Xxxxxxxx Avenue. You blew away our expectations with your thorough and detailed inspection.

Anyhoo, we are indeed buying the house and going to update the electrical ourselves (everything else the sellers are actually taking care of ). I was curious if you had some recommendations of good electricians for us to consider. Thanks in advance and thanks for the great inspection!


Devon and Maddy Hague

Thank you and very much appreciate the incredible job Reuben did for us. Very professional, very detailed, and frankly exceeded our expectations by far.

You guys are heads over tails better than the inspector we hired for our last home purchase. Reuben made it clear that we could call any time with questions about our home – we honestly do appreciate that. Will definitely refer you to friends, family, coworkers…

John Coffelt

My mortgage gal (Rebecca) will be calling you for her clients in the future… and there will be more referrals out of me to everyone in the home buying stage.

Milind is golden for good business and you are rare with your knowledge and patience and ability to clearly explain without overwhelming or intimidating… RARE!

Brian Kessler

Thank you to the team for your great inspection work. Duane inspected my new house and was very thorough in finding all the issues. He also provided a great lesson on the various maintenance items I should do on an ongoing basis. He answered questions as I negotiated the final purchase agreement. On my former home, Reuben provided a thorough inspection and was very clear about what I needed to fix. He provided directions and videos in some cases to help me understand the issue and how to fix. He returned promptly to re-inspect. The house was sold the day after the inspection. Everyone was prompt and courteous.

Thank you!

Tracy Bingen

I was really impressed by how timely and thorough Structure Tech was in completing the inspection I requested. As a result of their excellent service, I felt much more confident about the purchase agreement I signed.

Kim Hunter

I wanted to thank you again for the inspection. We really appreciated the detail and explanation. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs an inspection.

We may have that Level II [chimney] inspection done. Do you have anyone you can recommend?

Thank you,

Veronica Villalobos-Andrews

I was extremely pleased with the professionalism of the inspection and the down to earth approach when explaining the details of the findings, I appreciated very much the obvious expertise that Duane has, and his matter of fact approach. He was very helpful in being available over the weekend to help answer some extra questions and for that I thank him.

It will be my pleasure to recommend your company; in fact I fully intend to ask you to do a pre sale inspection for me in the near future.


Steve Wardleworth

I never did get to THANK YOU for such a wonderfully thorough and informative inspection.

We have finalized the deal and had a contractor in yesterday. We are using your report to update and improve our new home.

Thanks again. You are terrific!

I will recommend you whenever I have the chance

Thank you,

Suzanne Schwinn

I wanted to confirm receipt of the photos, and also thank you again for your work yesterday. You were very thorough and knowledgeable, and saved us from some very big potential headaches in the future. Julie and I feel a lot more “educated” after yesterday’s experience! The decision to walk away from the house was based on just too many questionable risks and the margin for catastrophe seemed very big. We are glad we found this out now instead of after we closed.

We are back to the drawing board and would definitely like to work with you again. I’ll give you a ring when “Dreamhouse #2? comes along. As far as the Radon test goes I hope it did not inconvenience you too much, and regarding the bill for next time, I have no issues paying the full price for the inspection. I see it as a very minor thing in comparison to a potential $10,000 fix.

Thanks again

Andrew LaMere

Thanks a ton! Your work was incredibly thorough and this report is a fantastic take-away of everything we discussed this morning.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Matt Weier

Thank you for the very detailed report. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend today however you explained everything very well in your report.

Thanks again,

Thomas Simpson

Thank you very much for such a wonderfully detailed report! You are great at what you do!! It was also a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions so frankly.

I wish you all the best!

Erin Swetland

Thanks so much for the excellent inspection and prompt work. I will definitely recommend your services to others.

Olga Mackevica

Thank you so much for the most thorough report I have ever seen. I will use you in the future and recommend you to my friends.

Lisa Welch

Thanks, that is an incredibly detailed and comprehensive report. Money very well spent.

Steve Krekelberg

Thank you for your inspection and report. Mary was right it is most thorough and detailed. It is helpful now and going forward in the future. This may be more than anyone should know about their house. Thank you again for your service.

Mary Jo Dickinson

You can guarantee that I will recommend you to everyone I know that is purchasing or selling. I think you did an excellent job and thank you so much as your report gave me the confidence to back out of the deal……………….God Bless

Roxanna Collett

Thank you so much for all your help and your expertise.

I was and am very impressed with the completeness of your inspection.

Thanks again

Jeff Nance

This is an OUTSTANDING report!! Thank you for providing it…the scope and timeliness are excellent! I will highly recommend your services to anyone I can.

Much appreciated!!

Steve Clinton

Thank you for doing such a detailed inspection and report. Nice touch having photos.

Nancy and Chris Hafner

Thank you for the inspection yesterday and for following up so quickly with the report. Despite the heavy doses of carbon monoxide, I still managed to learn a few new words, of which my favorite is “flue.”

It was great to meet you; thanks again.

Patrick Barry

I purchased a house and needed a home inspection. I went with a person someone referred me to for it and he was absolutely horrible (this wasn’t Reuben!). It was so bad and incomplete that I got another home inspection after I closed on my house (Reuben did this second one). Oh my goodness, what a difference!! I rarely EVER give my highest remarks to anyone, but Reuben gets them hands down! He exceeded every one of my expectations and that’s hard to do (you’d say this is impossible to do if you knew me). I can not believe how complete and thorough a job he did, nor can I believe the amount of time and attention to detail he took. Reuben not only did a great job with the written inspection, he took the time to actually go through my house with me to show me everything and explained it in layman terms so I understood everything. AND he was dead on. There were three things he said I should take care of RIGHT AWAY, which I didn’t (no fault of his) and sure enough two of those three failed and I did end up fixing them. (Either he’s clarivoyant or a Home Inspection Genius!) His written Home Inspection is incredibly thorough, well written and easy to understand, and the perfect blue print of what needs to get done on the property. I have since recommended him to numerous people and they have all been impressed and given him an A+. If you want a great Home Inspection and at an extremely Fair Price, call Structure Tech!

Steve Koenig

I wanted to thank you again for your informative and detailed inspection. Structure Tech will be highly recommended to anyone I know seeking home inspections in the future.

Joe Vostinar

Thanks for the excellent report. Of the three home inspections I’ve had done in the past ten years this is by far the most thorough and professional. I have no doubt that the report will pay for itself through solid preventative maintenance rather than waiting for many of the minor issues to grow into major issues…

Jeff Coffey

Adam and I really appreciate all that you did and explained for us. We are very pleased with the inspection and close on the house August 8th. We don’t know anyone at the moment that is looking to buy a house but when we do your services will come highly recommended from us! My mom works in the title business and after Adam and I talking you up she is also going to keep your business card on hand.

Thank you again for everything.

Angela and Adam

Thank you very much for the Inspection report. Also thanks for coming down and inspecting our home. We are very happy about the way the inspection was done. Excellent job. The inspection process was very informative and educated us about the systems.

Thanks again for all the help.

Raja Devaraj

Thank you for the time and energy you put into the inspection!!! It was very helpful to go through the house with you and learn what will be needed for maintenance and upkeep of the house. Your inspection report will now become my husbands “to do” list : )

Sheila Johnson

Thank you very much. The Inspection was very helpful and was done wonderfully.

I was really impressed with how detailed you were and how you explained everything. The report we got back the next day was great as well.

Thanks again, I will highly recommend you to anyone that needs an inspection done.

Jamie Brown
Wells Fargo International Systems Engineering

Thank you for your services.

The inspection process and report produced from it may have been the most professionally done service in the entire process of purchasing our home. Although our agent Jon has been great, too, and I credit him for referring us to you.

Quick response, comprehensive inspection, helpful and critical information for having a safe, energy-efficient home.

I immediately referred you to a friend who’s new home you are inspecting today.

Keep up the good work!

Nate Gorr

I just wanted to thank you for such a detailed report! It’s definitely going to be a useful tool for us!

Thank you

Amanda Lanik

This report is extremely thorough and will be a great guide for us as we move in and continue to monitor and fix our first home. Thank you again for all your help and information. If you ever have need for a reference please do not hesitate to call.


Veena and Jami

Thank you for putting this together and getting back to us so quickly. The report is very thorough and will help our position in the purchase of this home. I will recommend you to friends and family. In fact I gave your contact info to my sister who will be looking to purchase a town home in the near future.”

and later…

…I do know my sister was also very happy with your level of detail and exceptional customer service level. Thanks.

Faith Rector
Deployment Project Manager — New Store Openings(NSO) Properties-Best Buy Co, Inc.

Once again, you’ve done a fine job. Jeff and Andrea were impressed with you and even complimented me on choosing you. I can’t thank you enough for the work you did.

Randy S. Van Marter, GRI
VP, Sales Manager Fine Homes Specialist Relocation Specialist Prudential Metrowide Realty

…and thanks especially for going the extra mile to get up in that crawl space to find the rotted joists. I’m glad your sense of smell suggested something amiss under there!

Larry McGraw
Edina Realty, France 50th

Thank you for teaching me so much about our new home!

Josh Natzel

Thanks again for the stellar inspection and ‘war & peace’ style report. We were thrilled with the service!

Josh Ernst

Thanks very much — I am impressed with the completeness of your report and your attention to detail. It was a pleasure taking a crash course in home operations. I definitely learned a thing or two!

David Adams

just wanted to thank you for your services and for preparing this report. It is concise, comprehensive and will undoubtedly serve me well as I make the necessary corrections to the house.

Douglas Carlson
Project Management Lead

I do also want to pass along Mr. (omitted)’s comments. He was VERY impressed with your report and the thorough nature of the work. Thank you for doing such a great job!


Angela Johnson

Wow — very extensive! It’s great! Again, we thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. We feel very familiar with the house now. Best wishes for you in the future, and I’ll keep your card handy :^)

Christi and Charlie

Thanks so much for doing this inspection for Adam and Cheryl. Your reports / pictures / timeliness are excellent!

Christy Kurth
Remax Action West, Inc.

Thanks again for doing such a great job!


I know that today we as consumers seem to only mention poor customer service when we receive it, and it seems to be happening more often. But I wanted to comment on how extremely happy I was with our inspection.

Our inspector was thorough, very helpful and nice to boot. He explained things in terms I was able to understand, was full of helpful suggestions and just did an excellent job overall. I was also happy with how fast he was able to give us feedback. I really appreciate that I can call with questions about the house as well, even after receiving the final report. What service!

I was very pleased and will definitely recommend Structure Tech to my friends, co-workers and family. Thanks again.

Lisa Dropik
Marketing & Business Development Manager Vertical Systems Inc.

To whom it may concern:

I would like to compliment your company on a professional and thorough home inspection. Our inspector was very knowledgeable and thorough. Even in the inclement weather, he still managed to inspect the roof and all outside areas of the property and do a fine job. Thanks again!

Mel Chez