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Sewer inspections: old homes or all homes?

Are sewer inspections a good idea for old houses, or all houses? If you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would have told you old houses. In fact, I told a lot of people that. Today, however, I know better.

Sewer inspections are a good idea for all houses. Both old and new.

As a home ages, the potential for sewer problems increases. I used to believe that problems with building sewers were almost non-existent for newer, plastic drain lines. It’s not true. My sewer inspection guy, Joseph Whitters, aka Sewer Joe, aka Dr. J, has shared a bunch of sewer inspection videos with me over the past year showing failed, relatively newer sewer lines. Each one of these drain lines requires an expensive repair that I would absolutely not want to get stuck with as a home buyer. I put together a short video of these defects, along with some commentary from Sewer Joe. Check it out:

Author: Reuben SaltzmanStructure Tech Home Inspections

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