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Product Review: Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit

Close up view of the StayDry seal formed with the shower curtain and the wallI tested out a product for StayDry Systems, called a Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit.

This is a solution for people that don’t like water splashing out of their shower curtain and rotting their sub-floor and walls.  While a standard shower door would accomplish this, some people (like my better half) are opposed to shower doors because they don’t like the look of them.

It’s a pretty simple system; it’s a pair of rubber tubes that slip in to sleeves on a washable shower curtain, and wall channels for the tubes to push in to.


  • Very easy to install.  I installed this kit while my three-year-old son was in the tub.  It took me about ten minutes to put this up, and the only tool I needed was a pair of scissors.
  • Very effective.  This product does exactly what it says it will do – it keeps water from getting out of the shower.  You simply push the ends of the shower curtain in to the wall channels, and it forms a great seal at the wall.  I tested this by taking a shower and pointing the shower head directly at the wall / curtain intersection for a while.  Not a drop leaked out.


  • The wall channels are a little unsightly, but if you use a decorative shower curtain over the waterproof curtain and you keep the curtain closed, it won’t make any difference.
  • It’s more work to use than a shower door.  My three-year-old would have no trouble opening and closing a shower door by himself, but there’s no way he could seal up this system effectively.  For adults, it works fine.
Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit installed at Reuben's house
Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit installed at Reuben's house


This is a great product.  I’ve been using it in my house for about six months now, and I love it.

I wish I would have had this product for my last house.  I had a shower that really could have used a shower door, but space constraints made a shower door impossible.  This would have been a perfect solution.  If you want to use your existing shower curtain and you don’t need to have both ends of the shower curtain sealed, this company also offers a basic shower curtain sealer.

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