Andy Wojtowski

Running your home like a business

Bill, Tessa, and a Reuben are back together in the studio to discuss what successful homeowner looks like. It’s all about running your household like a business. Everything shares how they budget for major items in their home, and what types of items should be budgeted for on a regular basis.

Reuben waxes on the book Profit First by Mike Michalowicz and explains how he and his wife have furthered that method by setting up several personal bank account that are dedicated to saving for specific things. Reuben also goes on a small tangent about guards vs guardrails, mostly because his deck guard is about to collapse (see the photo below).

Reuben's rotted guard.jpg

Reuben discusses the term “winning a new roof” because of hail damage, and gets whipped up about how everyone replaces their roofs because of hail, only because this is what insurance companies are willing to pay for.

The gang also discusses the value in HomeBinder, a digital home management app and website that the folks at Structure Tech are so in love with that they’ve started including free to all of their clients with every home inspection. Reuben also shares his personal experience in selling a home with a HomeBinder that was completed and ready to go for the next homeowners.

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