Robin Jade Conde

PODCAST: Dishwashers and Double-Traps

In today’s episode, Reuben and Tessa discuss their recent experiences with house-sitting and caring for pets. They also discuss their participation in outdoor activities like disc golf and the Tough Mudder. The main topic of the conversation is about dishwashers and the use of double traps. Reuben shares his findings from testing the drainage time of a single trap versus a double trap and discusses the lack of a clear answer as to why plumbing codes prohibit double traps.

Check out this link for Brad’s YouTube video, where Tessa as his guest host, and Eric Houseman with Structure Tech Home Inspections get featured:
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House-sitting can be an adventure, especially when dealing with challenging pets.
Participating in outdoor activities like disc golf and obstacle races can be fun and rewarding.
Contrary to popular belief, pre-rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher may not be necessary.
The use of double traps in sink drains is prohibited by plumbing codes, but the exact reason for this is unclear.


00:00 Adventures in House-Sitting and Dealing with Challenging Pets
02:35 Outdoor Activities: Disc Golf and the Tough Mudder
14:34 The Truth About Pre-Rinsing Dishes Before Dishwashing