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How To Look Up Saint Paul Truth-In-Sale of Housing Reports Online

The city of Saint Paul is going to start making Truth-In-Sale of Housing reports available online!  Like Minneapolis has been doing for the last two years, Saint Paul will be providing easy access to TISH reports online.  While the reports won’t be ‘created’ online the way that Minneapolis reports are, they will still be available in a pdf format.

To look up reports, go to .  Click on “Property info and Permits by Address”.  Now type in the address that you want to look up.  For example, try 2117 Highland.  Now click “Submit”.  Under the “List of Activity” on the next page, you’ll see that the most recent activity for this property was a Truth In Sale of Housing Inspection, and there is a link to this report at the bottom of the box.   That’s all there is to it.

There are some limitations – only new reports will be available online.  Reports filed before May 1st, 2009 generally won’t be available online, but there will still be a record of it.  You’ll need to call the evaluator to get the report if it isn’t online.  Also, not all reports will be available.  Saint Paul is allowing evaluators that are stuck in the dark ages to continue mailing or faxing their reports in, and these reports won’t be available online.  This shouldn’t last long though – the old school evaluators will soon be required to submit reports electronically like everyone else.

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    August 31, 2009, 5:32 am

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