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How to Inspect Your Own Home

You’re a diligent homeowner and you put in the hours to have a well-maintained home. You’re a firm believer in home maintenance and you regularly inspect your own home. Right? We’re here help you with all that. I put together a 9-part series on inspections for homeowners many years ago, and I’m excited to share a single document that compiles all of that information, titled How to Inspect Your Own Home.

How to Inspect Your Own Home

I encourage you to download this free document and share it. No catches, no email capture, no tracking. Enjoy.

And now the hook

Since writing that 9-part series on how to inspect our own home, we’ve had dozens of requests for home maintenance check-ups. Not a full-blown home inspection, but a simple maintenance check-up, where we do the maintenance inspection for you. We tested out a program like that last year, but it was only available to our previous clients. This year, for a limited time only, we’re opening up these Annual Property Reviews to all homeowners in the Twin Cities, starting at only $200.

The Annual Property Review includes:

  • The exterior of the home, including examining the roof, chimney, siding, windows, and doors
  • Exterior water management–where does water go after it leaves the roof?
  • All intake and exhaust terminals (dryer, bath fans, kitchen fan, HRV, combustion air, etc.)
  • Exterior faucets – are they winterized?
  • Sump system
  • Smoke and CO alarms
  • Plumbing system for leaks
  • Combustion appliances
  • Attic

The review takes about an hour and afterward we deliver a written report with photos, similar to our home inspection reports. We also give a free subscription to HomeBinder, which is an awesome home-management tool to help keep track of all the details of your home.

We are currently scheduling property reviews now through mid-February. If you’re interested, please email us at, or simply call our office directly to schedule an appointment. Our office number is 952-915-6466. 

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