Reuben Saltzman

Animals, skeletons, and creepy home inspection stuff 2023

This is the best time of the year to share some of our creepiest home inspection finds. Enjoy!

I’d hate to be the last person to use this bathtub.

Nasty bathtub

Blue man head. Seriously, someone had to put this here to creep us out.

Blue Head

Please move, we’re trying to work.

Cat in sink

Squirrel remains in the fireplace. This is why you should always have a spark arrestor on your chimney.

Squirrel remains in fireplace

Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”.

Quoth the raven nevermore

These fox kits were both adorable and distracting.

Fox kits 2

You’re looking at the remains of a rat in the bottom of this toilet. And it looks like it tried to gnaw its way out for a while.

Rat in toilet

Frog jerky.

Frog remains

Dead mouse on a wall. How’d it get stuck there??

Mouse stuck on wall

Decomposed squirrel?

Animal remains

Roof bones abound.

Roof bone on vent

Another roof bone

Roof bones 3

Garter snake window flashing.

Garter snake flashing

Garter snake flashing 2

This house had a major squirrel infestation.

Squirrel infestation

Just kickin’ it.

Just kickin' it

Just hangin’ out.