Reuben Saltzman

Animals, skeletons, and creepy home inspection stuff 2020

There is zero educational content in this post. It’s all gross or creepy stuff we’ve seen over the past year as home inspectors.


This is the remains of a bat, found in a furnace return plenum.

Bat in duct.jpg

We have plenty of photos of bats at soffits and in attics, but that’s typical. This is a bat in an unusual spot; it’s just sitting on the grass.

Bat on the ground.jpg

Here’s the remains of a bird that found its way into a furnace.

Bird in furnace.jpg

Something found its way into the air filter and made one heck of a huge home in it.

Dirty air filter.jpg

We’re pretty sure someone put this here to startle us off the roof.

Doll in window.jpg

And someone surely put these rubber snakes here to scare us off the roof.

Snake at eave.jpg

Someone tried sealing the intersection between the walkway and the wall with a garter snake. Caulk would have worked better.

Garter snake caulk3.jpg

We found this monster spider inside someone’s HRV.

Spider in HRV.jpg

Havnohart trap.

Have-no-heart trap.jpg

Several salamanders simultaneously swimming in a sump basket.

Lizards in sump basket.jpg

Here’s a salamander in a crawl space.


Squirrel remains in an attic.

Remains of something.jpg

Sewer Joe showing off. Thank you for all that you do, sir.

Sewer Joe.jpg

And this collection wouldn’t be complete without a bunch of skeletons stashed in various attics. It’s always creepy to find these. Why don’t people store these in closets, where they belong?

Skeleton 2.jpg